go far on eco. quality at unbelievable prices.

high potency distillate cartridge

Sourced responsibly, ECO has created an economic option for those BHO lovers. Enjoy this full-spectrum experience at a price you can’t believe.

Distillate Cartridge

High Potency distillate with botanical terpenes to meet any budget.

sugar wax

Why would you choose anything else? Our ECO sugar wax’s quality stacks up with most brands but at a price that doesn’t make sense.

green house flower

expect the highest quality greenhouse flower possible to knock your socks off without breaking the bank.

Shatter – BHO

BHO Shatter that continues to deliver. Stable. Potent. Packs a heavyweight punch. Sprinkle in a joint/blunt or dab it, however you want it we got you.

full spectrum bho cartridge

heavy hitting with both flavor and high. our eco distillate carts are enhanced with natural botanical terpenes and flavors.


the squad standard quickly becomes a shopping staple.

live resin : thc cartridges

the same high quality live resin in our reserve line gets perfectly blended with a small amount THC Distillate. this added thc gives a higher peak that comes on faster.

Distillate Cartridge w. Cannabis Terpenes

Nothing but the best cannabis derived terpenes, using AVD devices for peak performance and maximum experience.

solventless bubble hash joints

Fire solventless Hash meets Fire Indoor Flower for the best pre-roll experience you can ask for.

premium indoor flower

hand picked exotics and staple strains, grown at a high quality state of the art indoor facilities. squad flower should be a staple for every smoker.

squad reserve

the gold standard for your squad.

IYKYK. some of the best flower you can buy. period.

Cured to perfection – each bud is coated in glistening trichomes packed full of the highest amount of cannabinoids nature can provide. Not for the everyday smoker but for the connoisseur.

Live Resin Cartridge

Live resin done right is filled with terpenes that most never get to experience. Find that in every single SQUAD RESERVE Live Resin Cartridge.

Live Resin Joints

Premium flower gets an infusion with live resin for supercharged potency and flavor. Our subzero infusion method keeps 100% of the tasty profile others may miss giving a unique experience with each puff.

Live Resin Dabs

Absolute tastiest dab experience for the sophisticated dabber. Full spectrum with true-to-taste cannabis terpenes from our premium flower line.

cured resin dabs

Cured flower extracted to deliver a phenomenal experience that’s not quite as terpy as the live resin but a burst of flavor in every puff.


edibles made with the highest quality cannabis oil that is encapsulated to maximize the absorption of every bite. hint…some report 10mg feels like 15-20mg.


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SquadBursts – The juciest fruit chew made with nano to smack your whole squad

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SquadJellys – Made with real fruit and enhanced effects with nano encapsulated oil

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a tincture you can count on. quick absorption with all natural and targeted ingredients to only give you what benefits your body.

SquadBursts – The juciest fruit chew made to smack your whole squad

Squad bursts are no joke a burst of flavor in every bite. Enjoy every flavor in a variety of CBD and CBN options.